CHES benefits for Home Owners

Cost savings

  • CHES adopts a financial project model that ensures maximum quality at reasonable cost and in doing so provides you with satisfaction with good return on investment.
  • CHES saves you money by adopting an integrated Engineering Services approach.
  • CHES uses practices and methodology that are designed to reduce waste of time, materials and other resources, thus reducing costs.
  • CHES saves you money when heating Domestic Hot Water
  • CHES saves water & reduces your water cost with the use of Solar systems and water harvesting
  • CHES provides you with the ability to easily monitor & manage your electricity costs
  • CHES prepares your home for electric vehicle usage if you own an electrical driven vehicle or possibly owning one in the future
  • CHES provides you the luxury of home automation at affordable cost
  • CHES protects you from future Eskom electricity & municipal water price increases
  • CHES will fully test and commission your systems after installation to ensure operation to design criteria and to minimize running costs.
  • CHES can, If required, plan phased installation that can be implemented according to your available budget.
  • A CHES Project results in lower running costs of a home, upon an occupants retirement

Personal consultancy

We come to you to determine your needs

Client / Consultant Agreements

We advise you on Client / Consultant Agreements

Funding solutions to meet your needs

If needed, we can arrange funding for your installation from organisations that support the integrated eco concept.

Modular Solution

  • We provide a modular solution so that you can prioritise and purchase your requirements in the knowledge that you can add-on in future in a pre-determined planned way.
  • Basic System
  • Add-ons


    • We provide expert installation of your heating, hot water, solar and home automation systems using quality components.
    • We can phase installation, if required, to conform to your budgetary needs

Commissioning for minimum running costs

We will after installation fully test and commission your systems to ensure operation to design criteria and to minimize running costs.

System Maintenance

    • We provide regular checks, to ensure that everything is working to maximum efficiency, in maintaining your comfort and saving you money.
    • We check actual energy consumption against our targets

Integrated Design

We design all systems to be fully integrated for maximum efficiency and minimum cost. What we do:

        • undertake the heat gain calculations for your house, to ensure that the energy use requirements of the SA Building Regulations are met
        • undertake the heat loss calculations for your house, to ensure that we design your heating system for maximum economy advise your architect on the ways to improve your house design in order to save energy. – air leaks, glazing, insulation, tubular daylighting devices etc.
        • design your underfloor hydronic heating system to ensure your maximum comfort in the winter
        • design your hot water system to conform to the requirements of the latest SA Building Regulations and ensure hot water, at all times.
        • advise on cold water usage and advise you on the fittings to use to minimise consumption.
        • carry out an Electrical & Water consumption audit
        • advise on the appliances to purchase to minimise energy consumption
        • advise you on the type of lights to use for minimum running costs.
        • size the ‘Heat Pump’ and circulation pump to drive both the hydronic heating system and the hot water system
        • calculate the area of active solar roof tiles to match your power requirements
        • calculate the amount of thermal energy you can harvest from your roof
        • design, if required, a water harvesting system to minimise your use of municipal water
        • design your grey water retrieval system for watering your garden
        • design a control system that minimises running costs
        • design a customised wireless home automation system incorporating the Internet of Things
        • advise you and your Architect / Designer on the integration of these systems into the design of your house
        • advise you of running costs
        • advise you of maintenance costs

CHES Home Safety and Comfort

  • CHES water Domestic Hot Water Systems are designed in such as a way that it keeps you free of’ water-borne Legionnaires’ disease
  • CHES provides safe filtered drinking water
  • CHES automated systems provides security from intruders for you and your family
  • CHES provides safety smoke and flooding alarms
  • CHES counters electricity load shedding
  • CHES protects you from drought risk