Comfort Home Engineering Services (CHES)

Is unique in that we recognise the weaknesses of traditional methods of working and address these by implementing a coordinated methodology to ensure that the Engineering Services in your home are designed and installed correctly and run optimally.

  Let us provide you with home comfort, energy and water savings

 Minimise running costs – Contribute to conservation


In South Africa, houses are often designed for aesthetics and space reasons, comfort and low running costs are often minor considerations.  CHES starts with comfort and energy conservation considerations and advises and works with the Architect. The Engineering Services are then coordinated and integrated within your house design and installed to ensure a comforable home and eco-lifestyle. This will  also increase your house value.

South Africa-it’s not all about size.

Our country enjoys vast spaces and natural resources that have allowed people to build largehouses with no consideration for conservation or in many cases their own comfort. Energy and water resources are getting more costly and scarce and we can no longer build houses that ignore these realities.

CHES has been formed by engineers in order to address these issues. It’s Directors are all qualified to provide you with advice and expertise in building, not only a house, but a home where you will experience comfort and the satisfaction that you are contributing to conserving our natural resources.


South Africa is becoming more natural resource scarce…read more


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Who should contact us?

Our company serves individual homeowners seeking to build their own houses, architects who are willing to accept new paradigms and developers wishing to provide housing developments that address the new environmental realities whilst at the same time providing their clients with a real solution to the provision of home comfort, conservation and low running costs.

Interesting Facts

  • In South Africa, the price of electricity has increased by 500% over the last 10 years
  • Climate change is resulting in much less rainfall with some cities in danger of running out of water
  • The price of water provided by the Municipalities is likely to rise significantly

We Cover the Whole Spectrum

CHES Engineering Services

We design all systems to be fully integrated for maximum efficiency and minimum cost…read more

CHES for Home Owners

A Modular solution allows you to prioritise and purchase your requirements in the knowledge that you can add-on in future in a pre-determined planned wayread more

CHES for communities

We provide regular checks, to ensure that everything is working to maximum efficiency…read more

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