CHES benefits for Developers

  CHES for developers of:   Housing complexes: Retirement Villages: Eco Villages: Lifestyle Estates

The unique CHES Integrated Services solution

  • CHES is a Consortium companies covering all the Engineering Services that are necessary for the modern home. These companies join together for each CHES Project and are coordinated by CHES into a team producing an integrated design and installation of the Engineering Services. Our Affiliated Companies have been selected by CHES as being the best in their field in practice and experience and in embracing and supporting the integrated Engineering Services approach
  • CHES is owned and run by qualified engineers having considerable experience
  • CHES provides a special integrated ‘turnkey solution’ for you to offer your Clients. The service comprises of a design and installation package embracing seven engineering services that are integrated together
  • CHES’s unique concept consists of systems designed to produce comfortable and safe homes
  • CHES produces maximum effectiveness and efficiency in the design and installation of the Engineering Services, by using our Consortium of Affiliate Companies. These Companies ensure that our methodology is used to achieve project completion on time and to budget.
  • CHES continuous coordinated supervision in the design and installation of our Engineering Services
  • CHES will provide continuous after service monitoring and maintenance giving your Client’s peace of mind and yourself surety of the continuous hassle-free working of your Client’s engineering systems
  • CHES has built a ‘Model House’ that incorporates all the seven integrated Engineering Services
  • CHES methodology is designed to reduce waste of time, materials and other resources and reduce costs
  • CHES provides initial budget costs and final quotes.
  • CHES fully tests and commissions the engineering systems after installation to ensure operation to design criteria and to minimize running costs, thereby again ensuring satisfaction for your client
  • CHES desires to build-up long term relationships with our Clients, similar to the relationships we have with our Affiliate companies. This reduces the risk of late projects or project failure

Benefits to Developers in using CHES

  • CHES implementation for all houses in an estate, enables them to be marketed as being ‘Eco-friendly’ or ‘Lifestyle’ conducive
  • CHES offers a complete turnkey solution for the Engineering Services within a house: As a Developer you don’t have to source each Engineering Service separately
  • CHES offers a coordinated design and installation service at competitive prices; this allows you as the Developer to reduce risk and save time and costs.
  • CHES services will assist you as a Developer in reducing time in your planning effort.
  • CHES recommends Architects who are versed in the CHES ‘methodology’. This includes the house architectural design, the integrated design of the engineering systems and coordinated installation to achieve the design objectives.
  • CHES has the ‘Model House’ available to you, to show your Clients in order to secure the Project / Sale. You are be able to walk your Clients through the model house to make it easier to persuade them to buy into the CHES concept. They will be able to experience the “CHES lifestyle” themselves prior to buying
  • CHES conforms to all building regulations and contractual obligations to ensure that the Developer’s risk of legal litigation and increased costs, are mitigated.
  • CHES will enable you to market your development as being eco-friendly. With the growing importance of renewable energy it may also result in government subsidies in the future.
  • CHES provides a complete service at a competitive price, this allows the Developer to save time and costs – not having to spend time on the tendering and adjudicating process.
  • CHES determines the exact quantities and prices used for your development, as the products that we specify are standardised and are tried and tested.
  • CHES adopts a financial project model that ensures maximum quality at reasonable cost and in doing so provides your Client’s with satisfaction and yourself with good return on investment.
  • CHES gives peace of mind, providing design, installation and maintenance with after-sales service and monitoring.