CHES Engineering Services

The CHES Integrated Services Solution

CHES supplies a special ‘turnkey solution’ in order to provide for your home comfort, free from worry. The service comprises of a design and installation package that embraces the following seven integrated Engineering Services:

Plumbing (Modern)

Electrical Power & Lighting

PV Solar, Wind & Heat Energy Harvesting  

Rainwater Harvesting

Internet Broadband

SmartHome Monitoring, Control & Automation

Space Heating / Cooling, Air Conditioning & Domestic Hot Water Heating  

The above Engineering Services include the following components:

  • Heat pump driven Domestic Hot Water (DHW), with controlled ring main through hydronic towel rail.
  • Heat pump driven underfloor hydronic heating & cooling system
  • Heat Pump–produces three times as much energy as consumed
  • Solar PV roof tile system–no ugly solar panels to spoil the look of your house
  • Electricity saving through grid tied or off grid solar PV solution
  • Roof thermal energy recovery-use the sun’s heat to save electrical energy
  • Rainwater harvesting from roof(s)-for toilets & bath/shower-save water
  • Grey Water filtration-for garden irrigation
  • Broad Band-Internet/VOIP Phones/Steaming Services
  • Household security and safety: Cameras etc. Systems design and installation by CHES will be safer for the household than the traditional way of working.
  • Wireless Integrated Home Automation of all above systems (including sound system if required)

Personal consultancy

We liaise with you, in order to discuss your needs

Client / Consultant Agreements

  • We enter into a ‘CHES Project Agreement’ with you
  • We advise you on Client/Consultants and their Agreements
  • We enter into a special agreement with the Principal Contractor to ensure correct management and coordination

Integrated Engineering Services Design

You can be confident of the correct operation of your Engineering Services as CHES provides an Integrated Design Service including the following:

  • We advise the Architect regarding earth sheltering and ecological house design
  • We advise the Architect regarding insulation in the house design
  • We undertake the heat gain calculations for your house, to ensure that the energy use requirements of the SA Building Regulations are met
  • We undertake the heat loss calculations for your house, to ensure that we design your heating system for maximum economy
  • We design your underfloor hydronic heating system to ensure your maximum comfort in the winter
  • We design your Domestic Hot Water (DHS) system to conform to the requirements of the latest SA Building Regulations and ensure hot water, at all times
  • We design a DHS ‘ring-main’ with hydronic heated towel rail, on a controlled circulation pump that prevents water ‘dead-legs’ and conserves water.
  • We size the ‘Heat Pump’ and circulation pump to drive both the hydronic heating system and the DHS system
  • We design the electrical reticulation system for maximum efficiency and minimum running costs through the use of LED lighting and connection to the solar / grid-tied electrical supply
  • We calculate the area of active solar PV roof tiles to match your power requirements
  • We calculate the amount of thermal energy you can harvest from your roof and design for its harvesting
  • We design, a roof water harvesting system to minimise your use of municipal water
  • We size and design a filtered drinking water system
  • We design the gas reticulation system for home energy conservation
  • We design an integrated wireless broad-band and VOIP system (connecting fibre if possible)
  • We design a control system that minimises running costs
  • We design a customised wireless home automation system incorporating the Internet of Things (IoT) to meet your wants and needs. (See Superhouse on YouTube (
  • We integrate the above system into one integrated engineering services design and provide this to the Architect and advise you and your Architect / Designer on the integration of these systems into the design of your house
  • We advise you of the design & installation costs
  • We advise you of the estimated running costs

Modular Solution

  • We provide a modular solution so that you can prioritise and purchase your requirements in the knowledge that you can add-on in future in a pre-determined planned way.
  • We recommend the ‘Basic System’ and future ‘Add-ons’

Engineering Services Installation

  • We install the Engineering Services using methodology to ensure the designed critera are met.
  • We use expert experienced installers who use quality components.
  • We employ constant project management supervision using our unique coordination methodology
  • We can phase installation, if required, in order to conform to your budgetary needs
  • We liaise closely with the Architect and main Contractor


  • We will, after installation, fully test and commission your systems to ensure the operation is to the design criteria and to minimize running costs
  • We will train the home owner in the correct use of the systems and provide User Guides & Operating instructions


  • We provide regular checks, to ensure that everything is working to maximum efficiency, in maintaining your comfort. Providing you with peace of mind through a continuous Monitoring & Maintenance Service
  • We will service the equipment at regular intervals
  • We check actual energy consumption against our targets

1. Plumbing (Modern)

  1. Municipal water reticulation
  2. Potable drinking water with Filtration Unit
  3. Cold Water reticulation
  4. DHW reticulation with Ring Main
  5. Interface with Rainwater Harvesting System
  6. Waste/ grey water reticulation with grease trap
  7. Sewerage reticulation
  8. Sanitary Fittings
  9. Gas

2. Electrical Power & Lighting

  1. Power Circuits & Fittings
  2. 240v LED Lighting
  3. 12v LED Lighting from PV System

3. PV Solar, Wind & Heat Energy Harvesting

  1. PV Tiles
  2. PV Panels
  3. PV Controller & Inverter
  4. Wind Turbine
  5. Grid Tie or Battery
  6. Electrical Load-shedding backup

4. Rainwater Harvesting

  1. Guttering & Downpipes
  2. Rainwater tanks
  3. Harvesting fittings
  4. Pressure Pump
  5. Filter Unit

5. Internet Broadband

  1. Fibre Optic / Broadcast connection
  2. Wireless Broadband
  3. Wi-Fi Router
  4. VOIP Phone

6. Home Monitoring & Automation

  1. Home Security & Life safety monitoring
  2. Lighting Control
  3. Audio Visual Controls
  4. Environmental Controls
  5. Consumption Monitoring & Management
  6. Home Appliances Control
  7. Voice Activation

7. Space Heating / Cooling, Air Conditioning & Domestic Hot Water Heating

  1. Hydronic Underfloor Space Heating / Cooling
  2. Inverter Heat Pump
  3. DHW Cylinder