CHES benefits for Architects

The unique CHES Integrated Services solution

  • CHES is a Consortium of companies covering all the Engineering Services that are necessary for the modern home. These companies join together for each CHES Project and are coordinated by CHES into a team producing an integrated design and installation of the Engineering Services. Our Affiliated Companies have been selected by CHES as being the best in their field in practice and experience and in embracing and supporting the integrated Engineering Services approach
  • CHES is owned and run by qualified engineers having considerable experience
  • CHES provides a special integrated ‘turnkey solution’ for you to offer your Clients. The service comprise of a design and installation package embracing seven engineering services that are integrated together
  • CHES’s unique concept consists of systems designed to produce comfortable and safe homes
  • CHES produces maximum effectiveness and efficiency in the design and installation of the Engineering Services, by using our Consortium of Affiliate Companies. These Companies ensure that our methodology is used to achieve project completion on time and to budget.
  • CHES continuous coordinated supervision in the design and installation of our Engineering Services
  • CHES will provide continuous after service monitoring and maintenance giving your Client’s peace of mind and yourself surety of the continuous hassle-free working of your Client’s engineering systems
  • CHES has built a ‘Model House’ that incorporates all the seven integrated Engineering Services
  • CHES methodology is designed to reduce waste of time, materials and other resources and reduce costs
  • CHES provides initial budget costs and final quotes
  • CHES fully tests and commissions the engineering systems after installation to ensure operation to design criteria and to minimize running costs, thereby again ensuring satisfaction for your client
  • CHES desires to build-up long term relationships with our Clients, similar to the relationships we have with our Affiliate companies. This reduces the risk of late projects or project failure

Benefits to Architects in using CHES

  • CHES Architect Affiliates would benefit in obtaining new Projects by referring to CHES. (More business turnover resulting in higher profits for your company)
  • CHES engages Architectural Affiliates who accept the concepts and methodology used
  • CHES Model House provides you with the possibility to present the CHES home to your client, giving the customer a first-hand experience of the CHES lifestyle that would increase the probability of securing the Client
  • CHES methodology provides the benefit of taking a portion of the workload off you, the architect, due to the standardised engineering design used by CHES
  • CHES does not tender for projects, so no design work is carried out at risk
  • CHES is able to provide you with an initial accurate estimate for both the design and installation of the integrated engineering services.
  • CHES provides efficient cost effective procurement, giving better value for money for your Client
  • CHES’s practices and methodology are designed to reduce waste of time, materials and other resources.
  • CHES Affiliation allows for more confidence in the design and installation, due to constant involvement the CHES Affiliates
  • CHES provides a major benefit to you as an Architect, in obtaining new Projects by being part of CHES
  • CHES provides you with advice on energy conservation regarding insulation and solar PV roof tiles and panels
  • CHES provides advice to you on insulation, energy conservation and engineering services accommodation
  • CHES provides you with advice on water conservation regarding the design of the rainwater harvesting system
  • CHES provides advice on engineering system space requirements (Ducting, Plant Room and Suspended ceilings)
  • CHES provides legal protection to you by using recognised Agreements & Contracts for the in the design and installation of the engineering services.
  • CHES provides effective and efficient building management in terms of early design stage involvement with the Engineering Services team, planning, supervision and coordinated supervision that will reduce wastage of materials and time.
  • CHES uses Revit BIM Engineering Design Drawings that can be integrated within your Architectural Drawings.
  • CHES will fully test and commission the engineering systems after installation, to ensure operation to design criteria and to minimize running costs, thereby ensuring satisfaction of your clients.
  • CHES will prepare and supply your clients with easy to understand operating instruction relative to the engineering services installed in their home.


CHES Project features:

Integrated Engineering Services Design & Installation

  • The seven Engineering Services

Integrated Engineering Systems space provision

  • The CHES integrated engineering systems are easy to implement within the architects design, as they have been tried and tested before: See ‘Model House’
  • Ducting
  • Suspended ceilings
  • Plant room
  • Water Storage

No Tendering

  • Efficient cost effective procurement (Cost and time savings for architects)

Contractual safeguards

  • Client Agreement
  • Design Agreements
  • Installation Agreements
  • Mitigates legal litigation costs as contracts will be lawfully in place

Building management

  • Early design stage involvement with the Engineering Services team
  • Revit BIM Engineering Design Drawings
  • Planning
  • Coordination
  • Supervision

System Maintenance & Support

  • System Monitoring
  • Maintenance Agreement
  • Client support