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The Integrated Services solution for Communities

  • CHES supplies a special integrated ‘turnkey solution’ for you to provide for your Communities- new or existing. The service comprises of an engineering design and installation package for Estates and Home Owner Associations.
  •  CHES offers a unique concept consisting of an integrated engineering system designed to produce comfortable homes and safe homes that can be marketed by the developer for new developments.
  • CHES enables households in existing communities, to share solar power that they each generate with other homes on their Estate.
  • CHES enables Communities to conserve resources and become less reliant on the local Municipality.
  • CHES  will provide continuous after installation, monitoring and maintenance giving your Client’s peace of mind and yourself surety of the continuous hassle-free working of the installed engineering systems.

Benefits to developers in using CHES

  • CHES offers a complete turnkey solution for the Engineering Services within a community: As a developer you don’t have to source each Engineering Service separately.
  • CHES offers a complete coordinated design and installation service at competitive prices; this allows you as the developer to reduce risk and save time and costs.
  • CHES services will assist you as a developer to offer your existing and new community additional developments designed to conserve energy and water and improve the life of those living in its  community.
  • CHES produces maximum effectivity and efficiency in the design and installation of its Engineering Services by using our Consortium of Affiliate Companies who ensure that our methodology is used to achieve project  completion on time and to budget.
  • CHES uses ‘smart’ technology that automates efficient electrical energy usage.
  • CHES uses practices and methodology that are designed to reduce waste of time, materials and other resources.
  • CHES conforms to all building regulations and contractual obligations to ensure that the developers’ risk of legal litigation and increased costs, are mitigated.
  • CHES desires to build-up long term relationships with developers, similar to the relationships we have with our Affiliate companies.
  • CHES determines the exact quantities and prices used for your development, as the products that we specify are standardised and are tried and tested.
  • CHES adopts a financial project model that ensures maximum quality at reasonable cost and in doing so provides you with a good return on investment.
  • CHES will fully test and commission  systems after installation to ensure operation to design criteria and to minimize running costs, thereby again ensure satisfaction of your clients.


CHES Community Engineering Systems comprise of:

a. Power Cooperatives- Smart Grid - new community developments & retrofitting

  1. Community smart electrical grid design & installation
  2. Smart electrical metering
  3. Power monitoring, recording and control
  4. Home Battery backup
  5. Home electrical energy sharing
  6. Smart water metering
  7. Metering Management Project Management Services
  8. Protection against ‘load-shedding’


b. PV Solar, Wind & Heat Energy Harvesting - retrofitting

  1. PV Panels
  2. Retrofitting of PV Roof Tiles
  3. PV Controller & Inverter
  4. Wind Turbine
  5. Grid Tie or Battery
  6. Electrical Load-shedding backup

c. Rainwater Harvesting - retrofitting

  1. Guttering & Downpipes
  2. Rainwater tanks
  3. Harvesting fittings
  4. Pressure Pump
  5. Filter Unit



d. Internet Broadband - retrofitting

  1. Fibre Optic / Broadcast connection
  2. Wireless Broadband
  3. Wi-Fi Router
  4. VOIP Phone

e. SmartHome Monitoring, Control & Automation - retrofitting

  1. Home Security & Life safety monitoring
  2. Lighting Control
  3. Audio Visual Controls
  4. Environmental Controls
  5. Consumption Monitoring & Management
  6. Home Appliances Control
  7. Voice Activation